Best Ways to Sleep When You Suffer from TMJ

We all open and close our mouths many times throughout the day because of talking, eating, chewing, and other activities. This is not a problem for many people because the jaw joint that allows this movement is in good condition. Unfortunately, TMJ patients often feel serious jaw pain when making these movements.

If you have noticed an issue with teeth clenching, teeth grinding, jaw misalignment, or stress causing you to have jaw pain, you may be suffering from some Temporomandibular disorder. This can be very uncomfortable and, in the worst situations, prevent you from being able to complete normal activities involving the opening and closing of your jaw joint.

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What is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ stands for Temporomandibular joint, and this joint (located on either side of your head next to your ears) is what connects your lower jaw to your skull. You rely on your TMJ daily when it comes to chewing, talking, and other actions that involve opening and closing your mouth. People suffering from TMJ disorder often have to deal with TMJ pain when the jaw joint is damaged or moves out of its proper place.

Some of the most common signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder include pain in particular areas such as your head, eyes, ears, jaw, mouth, teeth, and throat; difficulty chewing; clicking of the jaw when opening; and locking of the jaw. There are various treatment options available, so you do not need to suffer from the pain and discomfort of TMJ disorder, especially when you are trying to sleep!

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Effective Ways of Treating TMJ Disorder

When you suffer from TMJ/TMD disorder, you must find pain relief as soon as possible. After being diagnosed with the condition, your Richmond, VA doctor or dentist may recommend taking anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers that you can purchase over the counter, and possibly even muscle relaxants. Having to wear a nightguard may also help, especially for those who grind their teeth or clench during their sleeping period. Doctors have used surgical procedures in some very severe cases, but this is uncommon.

Another great way to relieve the pain and jaw discomfort caused by TMJ/TMD is by massaging the muscles and joints that surround the TMJ. At Attune Massage Therapy in Richmond, VA, our medical massage therapist, Jana, can provide you with all of the details relating to massage therapy for TMJ pain relief. Patients often find the relief they need from their symptoms in just one appointment! Contact Attune Massage Therapy today to find out more about massaging the muscles and joints in your jaw for better overall health, sleep, and life.

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How to Sleep Better and Prevent Jaw Pain

When you suffer from the pain of TMJ/TMD, you may not feel well-rested, and you may still get headaches, pain in your neck muscles, or have other symptoms associated with the condition. One of the most important aspects of your life is getting adequate sleep every night so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. If you are one of the many people dealing with the effects of TMJ disorder and it is preventing you from sleeping well, here are some ways to get better sleep with TMJ.

  • Invest in a pillow that provides your head and neck with moderate to high support to alleviate tension and any overcompensation occurring with your facial and neck areas.

  • Sleep in a position that does not strain your head or neck. The ideal position is lying on your back with your head and neck properly supported. The worst position for TMJ sufferers is sleeping on their stomachs because it causes severe spine misalignment and stresses the jaw. Additionally, sleeping on your side with a hand beneath your pillow can worsen TMJ symptoms.

  • Get an adjustable mattress that conforms to your body’s position and supports sleeping on your back.

  • Be sure your arms are not in a position that strains your neck or shoulders.

  • Get a massage. Having a massage focused on the areas most affected by TMJ can also allow you to sleep better at night and prevent teeth grinding and clenching.

Any dental pain can cause serious disruption to your daily life, so you must take any necessary steps to decrease this interruption. If you require treatment for your TMJ disorder, utilizing the many benefits of specific and focused massage therapy for Temporomandibular disorder can work wonders for your pain and discomfort. Contact our massage therapist Jana at Attune Massage Therapy in Richmond, VA, to discuss your options and how a massage can improve your condition.

Contact Our TMJ Treatment Experts and Get a Good Night’s Sleep!

Those who deal with the pain and associated issues of TMJ know that it can be catastrophic for your everyday life. The discomfort you feel simply by opening your mouth or giving your best smile should not be something that needs to be prevalent in your life. At Attune Massage Therapy, our Richmond, VA, team is here to help you find ways of eliminating the pain and getting you back into great health!

If you have been suffering from Temporomandibular disorder and want a long-term solution to the condition, contact Jana at Attune Massage Therapy. She is happy to provide you with customized treatment options that you need and education about the condition and much more. We know that everyone is different, and that is why we always ensure that your treatments are unique to your condition.

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Jana. You may call us at (804) 901-2952. We look forward to seeing you and helping you find relief from your TMJ symptoms as soon as possible!




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